1% Buy / 1% Sell

Catcoin Tokenomics

3% buy (Marketing)

3% Sell (Marketing)

These taxes were voted for by the Catcoin community. This new tax structure brings various significant benefits to all holders such as:

Burn: Token burns reduce the overall token supply, leading to an increase in the value of each remaining token.

Reflections: Rewarding $CATS holders with a passive income distributed proportionally to each individual based on the size of their bag. Coins are distributed with every buy and sell transaction.

Marketing: This tax allows for Catcoin to promote the token to potential buyers and increase its brand awareness.

Charity: The charity tax will allow the Catcoin community to continue to do good in the world. Our charity Caring Cats aims to continuously help both humans and animals worldwide.

This being said, the process in which the tokenomics are implemented is by firstly converting the taxes collected to BNB, then sending it to the deployer wallet before being distributed accordingly. A snapshot of the multisignature tax collector wallet is taken to determine the amount of BNB collected. This is used to determine the amount of tokens that are dispersed to each category.






2.738 BNB

5.46559 BNB

13.658784335812963 BNB

21.86237433581296256 BNB


0.748415 BNB

1.49683 BNB

3.752075719518798752 BNB

5.987327719518798752 BNB


1.72125 BNB

3.4425 BNB

8.60625 BNB

13.77 BNB


0.9 BNB

1.8 BNB

4.5 BNB

7.2 BNB


0.79775 BNB

1.5955 BNB

3,988972737090157328 BNB

6.382222737090157328 BNB


0.965 BNB

1.931 BNB

4.8290507403824472 BNB

7.72530507403824472 BNB


1.423 BNB

2.846 BNB

4.269801503954503888 BNB

11.384801503954503888 BNB

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