🎟️Lottery (Finished)


Catcoin Lottery 1'st Edition

Catcoin Core team create Lottery to reward community. The rules of the Catcoin lottery state that individuals can enter by purchasing a ticket for 0.1 BNB. If their ticket is selected, they will win a prize of 10 BNB.

To enter the lottery, individuals must first acquire some BNB. This can be done through a cryptocurrency exchange or by purchasing it directly from someone else who already has it. Once they have acquired their BNB, they can then use it to purchase a lottery ticket for 0.1 BNB.

Once all of the tickets have been all sold, a drawing will be held to select the winner. This can be done through a random number generator or by some other fair and transparent method. The individual whose ticket is selected will be awarded the prize of 10 BNB.

The total number of available lottery tickets is 200. This means that only 200 individuals will have the opportunity to enter the lottery and potentially win the prize of 10 BNB.

Once all of the tickets have been sold, the drawing will be held to select the winner. It is important to note that the odds of winning will depend on the number of tickets sold and the total number of tickets available. For example, if all 200 tickets are sold, the odds of any individual ticket being selected would be 1 in 200.

It is also important to remember that the value of the prize, as well as the value of the ticket itself, can fluctuate depending on the value of the underlying cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is important for individuals to carefully consider the potential risks and rewards before deciding to enter the lottery.

The Official website for Lottery is https://lottery.catcoin.io

Wish to all good luck! Meow.

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