📔Voting (DAO)


Voting gives a voice to the Catcoin community, letting the community have a say in how Catcoin develops into the future.

  1. All Catcoin holders are eligible to participate in the vote DAO and have an equal say in decision making.

  2. 1 Vote require minimum 1000 $CATS, and if you stake all your tokens you cannot vote, you lose your power vote.

  3. You will get Extra +1 Vote per NFT Collection.

  4. A quorum of at least 50% of eligible voters must be reached in order for a vote to be considered valid.

  5. Votes will be conducted using https://voting.catcoin.io and all votes will be publicly verifiable.

  6. Any proposals put forth for voting must be clearly defined and include a description of the proposed action and its potential impact on the Catcoin community.

  7. Proposals will be open for voting for a minimum of 3 days, during which time eligible voters may cast their votes.

  8. After the voting period has ended, the proposal with the most votes will be considered the winning proposal and will be implemented by the Catcoin team.

  9. In the event of a tie, the proposal with the earliest submission date will be considered the winning proposal.

  10. The vote DAO may be amended or altered by a vote of the Catcoin community, following the same voting process outlined above.

Check out https://voting.catcoin.io on the Catcoin website.

Core - proposals posted by the Catcoin team. The results will be actioned.

Community - proposals posted by the Catcoin community. These are used to propose ideas and show the communities point of view. The Catcoin team reviews every community vote and will often cherry-pick any great ideas and designs with strong community support up to the coming product releases and/or core voting proposal level.

Proposals can be send on our official Reddit channel here: https://www.reddit.com/r/catcoinarmy/comments/yf6q9u/official_dao_submit_your_proposals_ii

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