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Catcoin Staking Platform is LIVE!

Catcoin Core team launching staking platform that allows users to earn rewards by holding onto their Catcoin tokens and participating in the network's consensus mechanism. To join the platform, users will pay 2% to put theyr tokens on staking. By doing so, they will earn an annual percentage yield (APY) of 10% on their investment.

However, users have the option to boost their APY up to 14% by adding one non-fungible token (NFT) from each Catcoin series to their staking balance. NFTs are unique digital assets that are often used in the world of cryptocurrency to represent items such as collectibles, art, or other forms of digital property.

In the case of Catcoin, each NFT represents a different series of Catcoin tokens, and adding one to a user's staking balance allows them to earn additional rewards. This feature is designed to incentivize users to collect and hold onto NFTs, as well as to promote the use of NFTs within the Catcoin ecosystem.

Overall, the Catcoin staking platform offers users a way to earn passive income by participating in the network and holding onto their tokens, with the added potential to earn even higher rewards by collecting and staking NFTs.


When placing staking, you make a deposit of 2% of the number of coins placed by you. For example, you want to put 1b. 1 000 000 000 - 2%= 980 000 000 this is your staking

10% Remuneration for 1 year

+2% nft series 1 +2% nft series 2

Total together with nft 14%

You can accommodate 2 nft. We have two series. You can place one nft from each series

Withdrawal 0%.

After the start of the betting reception. Reflections are disabled.

Official Catcoin Staking Platform website is staking.catcoin.io

You can purchase you favorite NFT's from here:

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