One year of Catcoin!

What an amazing journey so far!

It's been an absolutely wild ride for Catcoin this year! From achieving an all-time high market cap of $70 million, to being featured in major publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Market Watch, the first tangible crypto magazine (Crypto Weekly), and Nasdaq, Catcoin has truly made a name for itself in the world of cryptocurrency.

Moreover, it's not just about the money for Catcoin - the community has also made a big impact outside of the crypto world, thanks to successes such as winning the Best Community Award at the Singapore Crypto Expo 2022, and raising $15,000 for charity. The Catcoin community around the world has come together to help cats and our fellow humans in need. The two charity arms "Cats Fight Hunger" and "Caring Cats" have helped feed homeless people internationally, supported local sporting teams with much needed equipment, and recently partnered with Catland Javea to build a shelter for injured and abandoned cats. Talk about pawsitively purrfect!

And let's not forget about the wildly successful NFTs the Catcoin community has released, like the Cat Club and Yacht Club collections, which sold out in just 12 minutes and one hour, respectively. These NFTs have proven to be extremely popular, and have helped to solidify Catcoin's reputation as the crypto animal of 2022 (according to the Chinese calendar, which marks this as the year of the tiger).

Even though the previously mentioned things alone are exceptional, that's not all. Catcoin has also been listed on both tier 2 and 3 exchanges, and has received a CertiK audit, and a Golden CertiK Tier 1 KYC Badge - making it one of the safest projects in existence. The CertiK audit was only possible thanks to the migration to a version 2 contract earlier in 2022, making sure the contract was nice and secure. Once the contract was finished, and shown to be working well, its ownership was renounced for even greater safety.

Furthermore, one familiar cat many have seen already is Hoshi, the projects very own brand mascot. You can see his face everywhere Catcoin is, including memes, socials, and Catcoinโ€™s own mini game to name a few. Hoshi even appears on the Camil Perian & Florin Tincescu RO1 Racing Car, along with other top brands such as Babyliss. A great way to showcase the Catcoin mascot at high speed! This partnership was courtesy of core team member Acosti, and cost the community nothing at all!

Additionally, with the ability to shop with major brands such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Home Depot with Catcoin ($CATS) via, the possibilities for this innovative coin are endless.

Even during tough times in the crypto market, Catcoin has managed to not only survive, but thrive. In fact, the token's latest utility - staking, just went live days ago. Allowing users to earn a 10% APY (or boost it up to 14% with Catcoin NFTs).

Although the projects continuous innovation and growth is crucial to Catcoin, the project is also passionate about their community. Therefore, it is vital to give voice to their desires in general. For this reason, the core team delivered on their promise to create a voting platform which can be found at It is here where the community can find significant things to decide on. The options are put on the DAO voting platform, and $CATS are used to decide the outcome which the core team will then ensure is delivered.

With Catcoin sure to have tremendous value in the future, it is important to keep ones $CATS safe. As the adage in crypto goes "Not your keys, not your crypto." As such, we have worked with Ledger, a leading manufacturer of hardware cold wallets, to ensure you can store your $CATS safely offline, guaranteeing their safety. If only all cats could be so well cared for!

Thereโ€™s even something for those who enjoy the thrill of winning and obtaining prizes. Catcoin has its own lottery, with 200 tickets at 0.1 BNB each, and prizes include a real 9ct gold coin, 10 BNB worth of $CATS and much more. Anyone can play via

As one reflects on the many accomplishments that were achieved in just one yearโ€™s time. It's no wonder the Catcoin revolution is expected to make a big splash in 2023. Here's to another successful year for Catcoin, and its dedicated community!

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