Caring Cats Charity


A charity cause that works towards pawsitive change for those in need, both animals and humans.
Caring Cats is a charity brought to you by Catcoin. A legitimate and safe crypto project which was made to be the voice of cats. The project was created on November 26 of 2021 and has since then been a positive image of crypto with it’s safety features and full transparency. You can visit for more information.
This being said, Caring Cats is a charity that not only aims to help in the wellbeing of cats around the world, but other animals and humans as well. This is done through various ways including animal wellbeing awareness, donations to respectable charities, and by small actions of the Catcoin community simply getting out in the world and doing good. An ongoing movement that we have is Cats Fight Hunger, where Catcoin community members have personally gone out and fed the homeless internationally.
The mission of Caring Cats, is in our name – to care. By caring for animals and humans in need, we move towards making a pawsitive difference in the world.
To be a long lasting pillar of goodness to cats and other beings in need on an international level.


The Ways That We Help
Caring Cats consists of an international community of helpful volunteers who work towards pawsitive change for cats, other animals and even humans.
By way of our project, Catcoin, we hold events encouraging the raising of charity funds and donate from the charity wallet that we have specifically for Caring Cats.
We believe that any kind action no matter how big or small can go a long way – especially when unified. This is why we hold charity events and movements for causes important to us.
Another important aspect of Caring Cats is awareness of the wellbeing of cats and other animals. In hopes of more people treating our furry friends the way that they deserve.


Binance Charity
Cats Fight Hunger
CatLand Javea
Mostly Muts
$1,000 donation to Binance Charity Emergency Earthquake Funding
On February 6th 2023, two earthquakes hit the south of Turkey and Syria. At the time of writing more than 5000 people have been confirmed killed, with the death toll expected to rise rapidly as rescuers continue to clear debris.
The first quake of 7.8 magnitude struck at 4.17am with the effects felt as far away as Cairo and Cyprus. This is the most powerful earthquake to have hit the region in the past century.
The true extent of the destruction to lives and livelihoods will not be known for quite some days. In the meantime global leaders are rushing to offer aid and support to the people worst affected, with rescue teams from around the world arriving to join the search for survivors.
We’re setting up this fund so the crypto community can directly support those impacted by the earthquake.
The Catcoin Community would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the people of Turkey who have been affected by the recent earthquake disaster. In these trying times, it is our belief that we must come together to support those in need and provide a helping hand.
With this in mind, the Catcoin Community would like to contribute to the ongoing relief efforts in Turkey and would like to request your assistance in directing our donations to the most effective organizations working on the ground.
Every little bit counts, and with your help, we believe that we can make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by this disaster. We are confident that our contribution, combined with the efforts of other kind-hearted individuals and organizations, will go a long way in helping the people of Turkey recover and rebuild.
Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you on this important cause.
The Catcoin Community.
This is something we should all be rallying behind let’s make this happen together. Donate.
A charity initiative by the Catcoin community to feed the homeless around the world.
$5,000 donation


We are building a shelter for cats and kittens that would otherwise be living on the streets. We have raised enough money to start the build, but we need your help to finish and open the shelter.
$5,000 donation to help people adopt cats and other animals in need of homes.

Want to donate to Caring Cats?

We appreciate all donations such as USDT, BUSD, BNB and CATS: 0xB04B2D37907875052A223b172d7360D9c2a378D9