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Web3 has become a catch-all term for the vision of a new, better internet. OKX Wallet, as one of the essential infrastructures in the blockchain field, serves as a gateway for your crypto assets, non-fungible tokens (NFT), decentralized finance (DeFi), and decentralized applications (DApps).

OKX Wallet is a non-custodial and decentralized multi-chain wallet. Non-custodial implies that you have full control over your funds, and are also responsible for keeping your private keys and passwords safe.

OKX Wallet doesn't store your wallet password, seed phrase, or private key, nor will it send your seed phrase or private key to an external server, which can also be confirmed from this tweet by SlowMist.The advantages of using OKX Wallet are:

  1. You have full ownership of your funds;

  2. Compared with exchanges, the withdrawal speed is faster without waiting for the withdrawal approval;

  3. A Multi-chain wallet automatically recognizes and connects different blockchains without switching;

  4. One seed phrase to generate a multi-chain wallet helps you to manage crypto assets on 38 chains, including Ethereum, OKC, BSC, Aptos, and supports multi-seed phrases import and derivation of addresses.

  5. Easily connect with the OKX Wallet web extension, or download iOS and Android Apps to start your Web3 journey.

While having full control over your funds, you also need to take full responsibility for asset protection. To keep your wallet safe, you need:

  1. Use a strong password, aiming for securing the app and managing the wallet. The password will be needed for later use, such as login and transfer.

  2. Remember your password, because non-custodial wallets will not store your wallet password nor help you retrieve it;

  3. Back up your seed phrase or private key, whoever owns these owns the assets in the wallet. It's recommended to write the seed phrase on paper and keep them in a safe place isolated from the Internet to avoid being stolen. If you lose it, you will permanently lose the assets in your wallet;

  4. Be alert to fraud and phishing attacks;

  5. Be careful when clicking on links and downloading new apps.

In addition, OKX Wallet offers access to OKX DEX, a built-in DEX aggregator for multi-chain and cross-chain transactions; it also has OKX NFT, an all-in-one, multi-chain NFT trading platform. It's a one-stop Web3 portal that can easily access over 1,000 DApp protocols.

For the current trend of expanding from one-chain to multi-chains, OKX Wallet can automatically recognize and connect different networks without the burden of switching between different wallets and networks. An all-in-one OKX Wallet can fulfill all your Web3 needs.


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X Routing

What's X Routing?

OKX's X Routing algorithm finds the best price across every DEX. We compare prices from Liquidity Providers (LPs) with the best liquidity pools, split orders, and consider prices, slippage, and network gas fees.

How does it work?

We connect over 10 blockchains, 100 decentralized exchanges, and offer over 100,000 crypto assets in one place. This allows us to offer the largest variety of quotes on the market.


Trade a variety of crypto assets across numerous blockchains in one click with minimal slippage and the best trading prices.

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